Authorised Applicant Referrals

Under the Alcohol Reform (Prevention of Alcohol-related Crime and Substance Misuse) Act an ‘Authorised Applicant’ can apply to the Alcohol and Drugs Tribunal to get a person banned from being able to purchase, possess or consume alcohol, by making an application to the Tribunal.

For example, if a family member or a medical practitioner has serious concerns about a person’s wellbeing because they are misusing a substance such as alcohol, they will be able to use this mechanism to get the person assessed by the Tribunal.

Who can make the application?

An ‘Authorised Applicant’ is defined under section 5 of the Act as:

  • a police officer;
  • an authorised health practitioner;
  • a person authorised by the Minister administering part 2.1 of the Care and Protection of Children Act;
  • an adult family member;
  • a responsible adult for the care of a child of the relevant person -  if it appears to the responsible adult that the child is adversely affected by the behaviour of the relevant person because of the relevant person’s misuse of a substance.


It should be noted that:

  • ‘authorised health practitioner’ is also defined in section 5(3) of the Act to include Doctors, nurses, psychologists, midwives, professional social workers, professional counsellors and Aboriginal health care workers; and


  • family members of the person, under section 6 of Act, include relatives in accordance with Aboriginal tradition or contemporary social practice.

The identity of an ‘Authorised Applicant’ is confidential and not revealed to the person unless otherwise advised by the applicant.

For more information about mandatory referrals, please download a copy of the following fact sheet.

To download a copy of the authorised applicant form please go to forms section.